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Did You ever wanted a photograph of yourself or with your loved ones that is more than a snap shot, a piece of art and a family heirloom which you can proudly display in your home, then a Fine Art Portrait session with us is one of the best option. As a portrait photographer the goal of a fine art session is to capture the personal connection between the members of the family. To show the intimacy between you and your partner. To show the immense love you feel for your child.


 All our fine art sessions are completely customized for you. Whether it’s your child portrait or a family group photo session. Before the session I would like to discuss with you regarding your expectations so that I can customize the experience for you. Once you have booked your portrait session then I will share the mood board to guide the style of clothing which will go cohesive with the look. Your clothing is very important as it will dictate the mood and tone of the portraits and it is one of the first things that needs to be decided. Over all we are looking for a timeless, stylish and plain clothing that keep the focus on you rather than the clothing. The session also includes hair & makeup which will again be matched with the type of clothing your wearing.

A typical portrait session would last from 2-3 hours (including prep time ). After the session I will select the best portraits which would then be edited by us personally, before presenting to you which usually takes 3-4 weeks time.

Having your portrait take is a special occasion and we at Aagam Photography would like to make it as enjoyable as possible for you and your family.

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